Teri Hatcher Naked Story: "Behind Bars – Chapter Four: Meetings"

BEHIND BARS (ff, reluc, nc, drug, celeb, AU, prison)

AUTHOR: Zahir al-daoud (zahir13@yahoo.com)

FEEDBACK: Please! It is the only pay received for writing these. And feel free to offer suggestions. Can’t promise I’ll use every one, but I’ll at least consider them (barring certain practices that just do nothing for me at all). Besides, its the only way I’ll ever get any better!

NOTES: This story is set in an alternate timeline, one wherein many of the famous ladies in our world have led different lives, ending up as either staff or inmates at a women’s prison.

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a piece of fiction. Legally, one should consider it a parody. No comment is made or implied about the genuine lives or personalities of the celebrities described, nor about their orientations or tastes. It is a fantasy, pure and simple. Do not take it seriously, please. And no, I’ve no notion how to contact any of these people in real life.

Oh, and there’s no such thing as Techerol.

CAST (in this chapter):
Gabrielle Union as a Prison Nurse
Jeri Ryan and Eliza Dushku as Correctional Officers
Jessica Alba, Majandra Delfino, Alyssa Milano and Alecia Moore (aka “Pink”) are the Pinks, an inmate gang
Mena Suvari, Teri Hatcher, Julilanne Moore, Brittany Murphy and Michelle Rodriguez inmates
Agnes Bruckner, Liz Vassey and Lacey Chabert are veteran inmates

FOREWARD: I’m still learning about writing anything so hardcore, and with that in mind please forgive all flaws in the following. Hopefully, you see an improvement. On the other hand, if you have any specific criticisms to offer (do I overuse certain words, do you get confused what’s going on, etc.) I welcome them.


Corrections Officer Jeri Ryan knew what her first duty of the morning would be. And dreaded it. Not that she had any choice. Procedure was rigid, Continue reading

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Teri Hatcher Porn Story: "Desperate Sex Fantasies: Teri Hatcher"

Fic Title:Desperate Sex Fantasies:Teri Hatcher
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Teri Hatcher/Eva Longoria/Marcia Cross/m
Summary:This story is the first in a series of stories about the sex fantasies that Kevin Spangler has with the stars of the new ABC-TV show,DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.
Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language,rape,graphic violence,female/female sex
You know,ever since the new TV show entitled DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES had started airing on Sunday nights on the ABC-TV network,I’ve suddenly found myself unzipping my pants,stroking my suddenly stiff cock,closing my eyes and fantasizing myself making mad,passionate love to three of the show’s hottest stars.

The first one that I’m going to start off with is the one who plays the character named Susan,Teri Hatcher–and I shall do so by describing to you what was going on inside my little fantasy world,while I was watching the show last night.

For starters,it would start with me filling in for one of my friends who had suddenly gotten sick.

I would drive over to this large apartment complex and walk into one of the many apartments,where I would find Teri waiting for me and notice that she’s wearing only a bathrobe and nothing underneath it.

She would slowly walk towards me,give me the visual going over and say,”So,you’re Kevin Spangler.I didn’t know that there are some handymen in the city of Cleveland,Ohio who look like…you.”

“Well actually,I’m a construction worker who’s filling in for a sick friend.”,I would say,after I would close the door behind me.”So,what seems to be the problem?”

“Well,it’s my darn cable box.I just couldn’t seem to get it turned on.”,Teri would say,after she would make a kewpie doll-type face.”Would you please come upstairs and help me turn it on?”

And then,after I would say ‘yes’ to her request,I would follow Teri upstairs to her bedroom,where she would walk over to Continue reading

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